Welcome and thank you for visiting AWOAM's Website.

We hope that you return often for updates about our charitable programs and projects. We have a great deal of pride in what has been accomplished at our organization since it was founded in 2011, and we are privileged to share some of that information with you. Please feel free to tell your friends about our site and what we do. The faster that we can get the word out, the faster that we can make an impact on our community.

The simple description of our organization tells you that we are a group of passionate women that want to help others by giving back. We pride ourselves on being proactive and responsive to our community's needs.

We also hope that by learning more about what we do– you too—will be inspired to lend a helping hand to those in need who are less fortunate. We welcome your interest in our organization and encourage your questions or inquiries at any time. And thank you again for taking the time to visit our website.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

The mission of Ambitious Women on a Mission (AWOAM) is to strive to help individuals, in our community, in their time of need. We make every effort to reach out to those in the most need, one step at a time.

Our vision is to assist our community by responding to the cries of those in need in the spirit of compassion. To be a recognized community resource—helping others in their time of crisis.

Our goal is to increase our community outreach by helping as many families as we can. Helping those who are in crisis and have nowhere else to turn.

Our Commitment
We are passionately committed and personally invested to helping our community at large.